OK, I did the interview for This American Life last Thursday. I’m convinced that I babbled like an idiot, much as I tried to stick to topic.

The funny thing is that, after I sweat through two hours of interview about jealousy, honesty, doing the work, etc., the producer came on the line and said, “Well… it just doesn’t sound very sexy!”

Good point. Anyone else feel that PW has been un-sexy lately? I think so, too. This week, I’ve GOT to get some erotica in there.

Anyway, I feared that the segment wouldn’t air, since I heard “we’ll let you know either way” and “we’ll let you know what happens” afterwards, which to this former actor’s ears means, “Thanks for coming in, but no; you’ve got a snowball’s chance in HELL of getting this part!”

But I heard today that they ARE going ahead, so I’ll let ya know air date/time when I find out. In the meantime, can I just say how FUCKING NERVOUS I was beforehand and how MIND-WRENCHINGLY OBSESSIVE I was afterwards, hemming and worrying over every little thing I’d said? How people do this on a regular basis I’ll never know. I sweated through my shirt at that interview, and afterwards I ran to the bathroom, where my knees just fell out from underneath me while I hyperventilated.

Oh, yeah, minx, REALLY suave.


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