Saw this posted in the community, so I took a look.

HBO’s ‘Big Love’: What Taboo? from Human Events Online, the National Conservative Weekly.

The simultaneous sexual carrying on of polygamy is somewhat more obvious and centralized than other forms of promiscuity, but it is essentially indistinguishable from the alternative lifestyles based upon promiscuity the culture has already absorbed.

Interesting way of looking at polyamory/polygamy. His main point seems to be that this is just the latest form of “promiscuity.” Even when the author admits that it’s not unusual for people to have three spouses, merely for them to have them at the same time, he slaps this “promiscuous” label on all types of coupling.

It makes me wonder what this author wouldn’t consider promiscuous. Is there anything apart from marriage at a young age, leading to an acceptable number of children and resulting in the death of both spouses, still married to each other that would not be “promiscuous” in his opinion?

What bothers me about writing like this is that is doesn’t allow for sexual diversity. It assumes that everyone has the exact same sexual desires and needs and that therefore everyone should only be allowed one thing–the same thing–to be happy. That is, it’s based on the assumption that everyone is alike.

Guess what? We’re not all alike. Some of us like chocolate, some like vanilla, some can only stomach Rocky Road, and some are lactose-intolerant and would rather have a burger, thank you very much. Putting limits on sexual tastes to me is like telling someone that preferring Rocky Road is “promiscuous,” and that his eating it is leading to the downfall of our society.

Lighten up, dude. It’s just sex.


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