Show Notes for Polyamory Weekly: June 28, 2005

Show Notes for Polyamory Weekly #15:

This week’s edition features discussion of cons and whether minx is a geek or not; a badly-acted radio play of a couple debating whether to go non-monogamous or not; and oh yeah, lots of talk about cocks, fucking and still more cocks as minx interviews Graydancer and FencerT after a weekend of boys-on-girl threesome fun.

Ohio Leather Fest info is a Ohio Leather Fest

Poly tee-shirt transfer: Actually, it turns out this wasn’t in a format that I could upload easily, but please contact for the file and explanation of the design.

Brett & Hiromi’s lovely Panties blog is at

The Disneyland for BDSM-loving adults, Shadowfind, is in Niles, Michigan and online at

And, of course, Graydancer’s own wonderful podcast about Japanese rope bondage, Rope Weekly, is at

And, of course email minx with comments, questions, feedback and topic suggestions at !

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