Show Notes for Polyamory Weekly: June 7, 2005

Show Notes for Polyamory Weekly for June 7, 2005:

Polyamory, How to Communicate: Polyamory site

The quoted column by Carolyn Hax of the Washinton Post: Tell Me About It (registered trademark)

Topbit’s notes:

Meetups:, London Poly: Polyamory Meetup, (which is
pretty much shut down for now I think)

And the London Poly meet, which isn’t… email at or click here for info by , who also posts reminders to < href="">this site, and here’s the story of how it came to be held at Bifest: story.

Another main group on LJ is the LiveJournal Polyamory Community

A search for polyamory on Livejournal returns hundreds of hits of communities and individuals, so there’s plenty of opportunity.

With a significant Poly contingent BiCon would be a great, and fun, weekend away at the end of August. There is an LJ community for that as well, of course: LJ BiCon community.

I also mention Bi.Org – but that’s offline for a little while right now.

And finally – me! TopBit’s LJ.

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