Show Notes for Polyamory Weekly #19: July 26, 2005

Show Notes for Polyamory Weekly for July 26, 2005:

This week’s edition features an adult warning; listener mail including “You know you’re poly when… “, poly matchmaking services, and the hotwife lifestyle; resources for poly jewelry and tee-shirts; and finally, an interview with about being poly with children in the family and how to talk to them about it. Questions? Comments? Feedback? Email me at or call the listener comment line at 206-600-5677. Thanks for listening, and welcome to our new iTunes listeners!

00-2:30 Introduction
Intro and warning for under-18 would-be listeners to head to for up-front sex and relationship advice.

2:30-13:25 Listener Mail
Listeners weigh in with “you know you’re poly when… ” and feedback on volume level and tag line; a listener shares positive experiences with; and a listener bemoans the difficulty of finding a good long-term partner for the “hotwife lifestyle.”

13:25-16:10 Poly Resources
minx offers fun websites found while noodling on the web– has some lovely silver and/or gold infinity-heart pendants for purchase; offers infinity-heart lapel pins and “Two’s company… Three’s allowed!” tee-shirts.

16:10-30:10 interview: Being poly with children: how and when to come out
Graydancer discusses age and discretion considerations with his own teenage children, talks about how they reacted to his and Geneveive’s coming out as poly, and goes over how to be appropriately honest with children.

Show Notes for Polyamory Weekly #18: July 19, 2005

Show Notes for Polyamory Weekly #19:

This week’s edition is all-listener-directed, all the time! We tickle issues of using tokens or actions to distinguish poly relationships, of dealing with metamours we don’t especially like, of facing prejudices towards the poly lifestyle, and we even finish up by asking if anyone has gone mono after being poly and why.

Questions? Comments? Email minx at or call the listener comment line at 206-600-5677. Thanks for listening!

00-5:15 Listener mail: tech issues, including volume, pictures and intro/outro music
5:15-13:15 Distinguishing one poly relationship from another by using actions or tokens. Tacit’s excellent poly resource site is at
13:30-15:20 Should we change the tag line for Poly Weekly? and some listener suggestions of new tag lines!
15:20-21:20 Takanami’s frubble story, what he learned, the issue of veto power, and keeping balance with metamours that we may not like all that much.
21:20-25:15 Takanami’s coming-out story, workplace issues and questions about facing poly prejudice.
25:15-end Yet another topic to throw out there: has anyone gone mono after being poly? If so, why?


Show Notes for Polyamory Weekly: July 5, 2005

Show Notes for Polyamory Weekly:

This week’s edition features listener mail and discussions of different communication styles; how it’s NOT all about the sex; what kind of geek minx is exactly; and the long-awaited second half of the interview with Graydancer and Genevieve discussing dealing with NRE. Try out the NEW listener comment line at 206-600-5677 or email your comments, questions and feedback to

The article on compersion, Compersion, Changes & Love by Deirdre M. Murphy is available online from the Polyamory Society at

The general number for Apple is 408-996-1010 if you’d like to call and request that Poly Weekly be availalbe on the iTunes podcasting directory.

And, of course, our new listener comment line is at 206-600-5677 if you’d like to call in with a question or a comment!

Graydancer’s podcast, Rope Weekly, is available at or through the iTunes podcasting directory–just search for “Rope Weekly.”

Thanks for listening, and your comments, questions and feedback for improving the show are welcome!

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