The new podcast page and RSS feed

OK, the new LibSyn hosting site for Polyamory Weekly is set up at, and the new RSS feed is For the next few weeks, I’ll continue to post at both locations to make sure that no one loses the feed. Wouldn’t want to lose a listener! 🙂

Unfortunately, I don’t believe I can move the first 39 episodes to this site, so those archives will remain at And I’m not sure how to change the RSS in the iTunes directory, along with all the other directories I’ve posted in, so that will take longer.

In the meantime, if you use iTunes, just click on the “Advanced” tab in the tool bar and click “Subscribe to podcast” on the drop-down menu, then plug in the new RSS ( to get all the new episodes in 2006!

2 comments to The new podcast page and RSS feed

  • Keovar

    I’m a new listener, and I bought the PW-dedicated app, but podcast episodes 1-38 are not in it. I am also having trouble finding them at the link you provided above. I’d like to check them out if there’s still a way to do that.


  • Minx

    Hey, K.

    Click on the Archives link above and then Archives of Episodes 1-40 to access the earliest PW shows.

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