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What geeky tools do you use to manage and maintain your poly relationships?

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  • T


    I find that good ol google calendar is a godsend!
    Everyone can see my schedule and me theirs so we can see at a glance who is free and when.

  • My family has a yahoogroup and uses it’s calendar particularly to keep track of each other’s schedules.

  • Devin

    Hey having an online calendar seems like a great idea! Perhaps I’m going to have to sign up for a .Mac account now (So I can share my iCal).

  • Anonymous

    I have a calendar in iCal with particular dates for Lars & KJ’s work (like vacations and so forth), but that’s about it.

  • Lia

    Well when we were long-distance, we used the phone & texting (of course), and the web-cam was essential!

    I use TimeCalendar to give everyone their own layer and it even has a great tasks function for chores & such. =)

    Oh, and I try to send nice stationeried love notes via Email fairly often, with Incredimail.

  • minx

    What is Incredimail? I used to send KinkyCards via email–is it like that?

  • minx

    [waves] Hi, Anita!

    A Yahoo group? That’s awesome! Do you use the group for communication apart from calendar-sharing?

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