Escape Pod/Polyamory Weekly meetup at Dragon Con

Hi, guys!

has set up an Escape Pod/Poly Weekly meetup during DragonCon this week.

Where: Gordon Biersch Brewpub, 848 Peachtree St.
When: SUNDAY, Sept 2nd, 1:00 PM.

The brewpub is about a mile due north from the convention hotels. You can walk it fairly easily, take a taxi, or drive and use their valet parking. Steve chose this place because the food is excellent, and it’s reasonably close to the con while being just far enough that it won’t be completely swamped.

The party name is “Escape Pod.” He made reservations for 30 people. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee seats for anyone; it’s unlikely that the whole restaurant will fill up at that time of day, but if you’d like to sit with the crowd, you may want to show up a few minutes early. Steve and his wife Anna and I are going to try to be there by 12:30.

There’s no agenda or topic to this; just good conversation and getting to meet fun people. I go to cons largely to socialize, so this’ll definitely be fun for me, and I hope it is for you too. And if you need to reach Steve with any questions, his personal e-mail address is and cell number is 678-517-2350. A text message to the phone is usually more efficient than calling.

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