Many Loves January Workshop

Many Loves January Chicago Seminar

A continuing series designed to provide a supportive and safe environment for people to explore issues of non-monogamous practice and identity. Topics for this month are “Healthy Boundaries” and “Embracing Intimacy.” Open to adults age 18 and older who either practice or are curious about non-monogamy, open relationships, and polyamory.

Held Saturday, January 19th, from 10AM to 1PM at Center on Halsted (3656 North Halsted, Chicago, IL 60613).

$15 fee. Space is limited; RSVP appreciated but not required.

Poly Weekly Skypecast: Roadmaps for the Clueless and the Hopeful

Want to read and discuss Ravenscroft’s Polyamory: Roadmaps for the Clueless and the Hopeful but aren’t in Chicago? Join us for the Poly Weekly Skypecast discussion on Saturday, January 26th at 1:00 p.m. Central time!

The book is quite long, so we’ll be discussing just Part I, up to page 102, “Background and history.” Please call in and join us for this hour-long discussion based on the wonderfully opinionated Ravenscroft’s analysis of poly!

Poly Weekly #137: Ten Poly Vocab Words You Need to Know

The new Polyamory Weekly #1367: Ten Poly Vocab Words You Need to Know is up! Direct download is at Poly Weekly #137

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0:00 Introduction and host chat
Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to; friend me on Twitter and answer questions about what you want on the show, call 206-202-POLY with comments.

1:30 Announcement: Chicago Poly Book Club
This is the Poly Book Club, a fun discussion group for anyone who’s been *meaning* to read those books on poly but hasn’t quite got around to it. Or for those who read the books but didn’t have anyone like-minded to discuss the more interesting questions with!

Our first book will be one I’ve been dying to read, Polyamory: Roadmaps for the Clueless and Hopeful, by Anthony Ravenscroft.

Other details:

When: Wednesday, January 30th, 6:00-9:00 p.m.
Where: The Center on Halsted lobby/social area (by the fireplace), 3656 North Halsted Street
What: Polyamory: Roadmaps for the Clueless and Hopeful discussion
Why: ‘cuz it’ll be fun!

I’ll post again as we get closer to the date, but please do RSVP if you’d like to attend so that I’ll know how many folks to expect. You don’t have to have read the book to attend–you can just join in the discussion and meet poly folks, anyway!

Want to join in the discussion but aren’t in Chicago? Log on to the Poly Weekly Book Club Skypecast on Saturday, January 26th at 1:00 p.m.

3:00 Topic: Ten Poly Vocab Words You Need to Know
Think you know what “polyamory,” “primary/secondary/tertiary,” “NRE,” “monoamorous,” “monogamist,” “nonintimate sex,” “Vee,” “sweetie,” “significant other,” “HBB,” and “love-type thing” mean? Minx discusses Ravenscroft’s definitions of these terms from his book.

11:30 Poly in the Media
Alan’s new roundup of Polyamory in the News, including:

16:50 Feedback
Nobilis comments that he was bothered by Alan’s last Poly in the Media segment; Alan writes in an apology for the confusion and that any insult to monogamous folks was unintentional

18:45 Feedback and New Topics
DDog asks about a potential new topic: can poly people have foster kids?; Serena asks about how to meet poly people and if you’re “really” poly if you’re single–how do you meet poly people?; Poly Weekly episodes 103 and 104 did cover being poly and single, but if you have advice on where to meet people, please call in!

25:00 Wrap-up
Questions? Comments? Feedback? Email or call the listener comment line at 206-202-POLY. And hey, why not attach an audio comment to that email? 🙂 Check out PolyWeekly at Thanks for listening!

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