Poly Weekly #180: Are Happy Endings Cheating?

This week Poly Weekly #180:Are happy endings cheating?.

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3:07 Minx talks about the article she read about a woman who encouraged her husband to get a “happy ending.” The article was from mom logic.

4:45 Minx brings up the comments, the most interesting part of these type of articles.

5:10 Only a small majority considered “happy endings” cheating.

5:40 Minx goes through the actual comments on the site. and providing her feedback on these comments.

8:10 10 comments in and finally somebody brings up a more supportive comment.

10:20 Minx talks about how great strip clubs are!

10:50 Minx asks the questions, how would this woman feel if the husband wanted to do this regularly?

12:30 What if you aren’t the only thing your husband needs?

14:30 It is important that everybody has the same definitions for terms (e.g. cheating).

0:00 Introduction and host chat
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2 comments to Poly Weekly #180: Are Happy Endings Cheating?

  • John

    Like anything else, its only cheating if it isn’t something that is agreed upon between partners, then yes its cheating.

    I love the comments by people not in open relationships. Its amazing how much projection we all do, no matter what the facts may be.

  • John


    How come these are never available when *I* get massages. LOL.

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