Poly and single: Poly Dating 101

Thrilled to be able to present my favorite talk on dating at Atlanta Poly Weekend!

How To Bring Back My Lost Love

Personal branding for the sex-positive educator

So excited to debut my new talk on personal branding on the social web for the sex-positive educator, activist and organizer!

Thanks again to the Atlanta Poly Weekend staff for bringing me out; it’s been a wonderful experience!

Poly Weekly 266: Poly on “Reality” TV

How real are portrayals of polyamory and polygamy on reality television?

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Introduction and host chat

Intro, under-18 warning and re-direction to http://www.scarleteen.com; friend us on Twitter or Facebook, call 206-202-POLY with comments or discuss your own topics at the forums.


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  • Atlanta Poly Weekend, March 25-27, Atlanta
  • MomentumCon, April 1-3, Washington, D.C. My sessions: Podcasting: Marketing, Mojo and Monetization; Personal Branding for the Sex-Positive Activist
  • Had a great time at the Vancouver GRUE!

Poly on “Reality” TV

Thank you to Chris, Tamara, Timegony and Brendan for the donations!

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Top 10 reasons to go to ShibariCon 2011

shibaricon.comI love my email inbox some days! I just got an email from a kinkster considering attending his first ShibariCon. He asked me to convince him to come. Since this is one of my favorite cons that I’ve attended nearly every year since its inception, I’m happy to oblige. Wondering if it’s worth the trip? If you have any interest in kink, rope or shibari, it is!

Top 10 Reasons You Should Go to ShibariCon 2011:

  1. Chicago in May? Lovely!
  2. Bonus: trip to IML leather market, $2, for the best variety and best prices on leather gear all year.
  3. Got a costuming fetish? Dress up every day and night if you like!
  4. Midori. ‘Nuff said.
  5. Graydancer’s cabaret. Even if your whole day sucked, this will have you cheering.
  6. Rope twister!
  7. Hard points, hard points, hard points!
  8. Sadistic rope tops and hot submissive ass.
  9. Mollena’s Mojo. Every session she gives fills your brain and makes you laugh.
  10. You know you’ll regret it if you don’t!

Unblinking honesty at the border

At the Canadian border on the way to the Vancouver GRUE, our bus stopped for customs. The agent asked the typical questions, including where I was going and why I was going there.

Me: For a conference. Or actually, an unconference.

Agent: An unconference? What is that?

Me: The attendees determine and create all the content.

Agent: What’s it about?

Me: Rope bondage.

Agent: I don’t know what that is.

Me: [shrug]

Agent: Business or personal?

Me: Personal.

Agent: And what is your business?

Not a blink, not a pause. Sometimes, telling the truth is easy and won’t lead anyone to batting an eye. ROFL!

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