PW 290: Football-loving poly

Where does a football-watching, beer-drinking, lawn-mowing guy meet the poly girl next door?

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1:00 Announcements

  • Geek Girl Con was a blast! Review of my favorite panels as well as the Everything you wanted to know about kink but was afraid to ask panel with Allena Gabosch of the Center for Sex Positive Culture Saturday evening
  • The Geeky Kink Event is November 4-6 in New Jersey, including D&D gaming and TARDIS bondage boxes in the play space!
  • The first Charlotte Poly Meet and Greet is October 16th at 2:00 PM and every other Sunday thereafter at Amelie’s Bakery, 2424 N Davidson St. It’s family-friendly and public, so come out to meet other polys! Email for more information.

13:10 Where are the all-American poly girls next door?

LustyGuy makes his debut appearance on the show to answer the question, where does a football-watching, lawn-mowing, beer-drinking, girl-next-door loving American guy go to meet the poly girl next door?

Advice includes doing what you love and meeting others who love the same things: hang out with the local football crowd, join lawn-mowing groups/races and be open to coming out to your neighbors. Also, remember that just because one is poly, the rules of dating don’t change. Go out with your best self and an open mind rather than preconceived ideas about who you will click with.

34:40 Feedback

Nadine likes Anita Wagner’s advice for poly newbies.

35:50 Thanks to our supporters!

Thanks to N for the donation!

47:20 Wrap-up

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