PW 343: The care and feeding of non-primaries

How to welcome that awesome non-primary into your couple and keep the relationship healthy and the non-primary happy and respected

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1:00 Announcements and host chat

  • Want to support marriage equality? Try wearing your wedding ring on your right hand and post a picture with the hashtag #choosetheright. More info at

4:00 Topic: How to treat non-primaries well

Aggie of the SoloPoly blog crowdsourced an article. She asked non-primary partners what they considered to be kind and considerate treatment by their partners, usually people in a couple. The results were informative and include a long list of do's and a short list of don'ts—see all the info on this living document of How to Treat Non-Primaries Well.

40:00 Happy Poly Moment

Roue shares a happy poly moment about a partner coming home.

42:00 Wrap up

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