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1:18 teaser from the Tristan Taormino interview.

2:18 welcome! to all our new and old listeners.

2:35 (hah! talk about coming out a little late. -FS)

Thanks to Olaf for the donation!

3:05 Minx has a non-monogamy workshop at A Woman’s Touch in Milwaukee.  This is a great introduction to opening up your relationships.  This will happen July 12th from 1pm to 2:30 pm.  You can register at here.
(hot bi babes don’t exist?!? suck! -FS)

4:13 Check out the blog! http://www.polyweekly.com.  Minx has been reviewing some great stuff that she has gotten from our sponsor, http://www.adamandeve.com.

you can get a discount from adam and eve if you use the checkout code “minx.”

5:15 minx introduces Tristan Taormino. (and boy does she sound hot. -FS)

6:24 the interview begins!

6:45 Tristan talks about her motivations for writing a book on polyamory and how she wanted to write about people more than just sex.

(wow, being around so much sex.  life must be rough! -FS)

7:40 She found so many people in the kink community or swinger community are non-monogamous and there wasn’t a lot of books out there about the subject.

9:06 How is this book different?  Lots and lots of interviews.  This is really about them.

10:20 She has a chapter on parenting, legal issues, etc.

11:40 This book has a lot of information on various different styles of relationships and talks with people in those types of relationships.

13:07 Talks about poly/mono combo (boy i love this, I was in this situation for a while – FS)

14:09  Solo Poly?  You bet!  Lots of people out there devoted to poly but are not interested in a primary partner.

16:30 “so much of open relationships is challenging and ultimately letting go of these expectations” (great quote – FS)

17:07 we are fed so many messages from society about what relationships are supposed to be like.

18:17 Tristan talks about how the book covers people who move fluidly from monogamy to non-monogamy and maybe back.

18:42 (Minx is dating monogamously?! man, we lost our chance! -FS)

18:57 The important thing is the relationship needs to be what you need it to be.

20:48 Tristan does NOT like being labeled as “bi-sexual” She prefers queer.  (she can call me whatever she wants as long as she doesn’t call me late for dinner. zing! -FS)

21:23 Bisexual reinforces the male/female binary and ignores the gradient that is gender.

23:10 Kink in the book!  Lots!  All through the book.

24:00 The book was originally over 600 pages.  A cool sounding chapter was cut. (I wonder if we could convince Tristan to put this chapter up in the Internet or maybe in a new book)

25:20 Kink and open relationships seem to go together with a good description of why that might be.

You can find more information on Tristan and her book here.

33:30 Polyamory in the News!  I am not going to show note PitN this week so I will point you straight to the Alan’s blog.

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  1. I just wanted to say that this was a really good episode (together with the second half of the interview – of course)! Really enjoyed it. Tristan seems like a very interesting woman, and I would really like to read that book! Thanks!

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