If my last three partners left me to be mono with someone else, is poly not right for me?

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6:00 Is it poly, or is it me?

Listener L wrote in to share a tale of poly woe. Both she and her boyfriend self-identified as poly, but he ended up leaving her for a monogamous person. And this is the third time this same thing has happened to her! Does this mean that polyamory isn’t right for her? Is she just unlucky?

  • Whether you’re poly or mono, it’s challenging to find someone you trust.
  • Based on the way the relationships ended, this would appear to be cases of partner selection—find people more committed both to you and to poly, and the relationships will go better.
  • Focus on your self-care and make sure you’re the best you you can be.

11:35 Feedback

  • Not So Wise One wrote in to tell about a classic poly blunder she and her husband made: they invited his first poly girlfriend to move across the country and live with them. Oops! NSWO couldn’t live with a relative stranger who was also an extrovert AND a new poly partner, so they ended up asking the partner to continue the relationship but move out.
  • Jim wrote in with some fun new glossary: porkupine (someone you intensely yearn to pork, but never will) and polypineory (pining for somone you want to be in a poly relationship with).

16:30 Happy Poly Moment

Wishful Poly wrote in to say she found a happy, loving, tolerant church congregation to be a part of as a person in a poly relationship in Lancaster, PA.

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