502: Am I too picky?

I can’t find a partner on OKCupid. Am I too impatient or too picky?

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5:20 Poly in the News

8:15 Movie review: Summer Lovers

Joreth reviews and recommends the poly movie, Summer Lovers. For more, visit http://www.polyishmoviereviews.com/

12:00 Am I too picky?

Listener A is over 50, married, new to poly and closeted. She’s been on OKCupid for 10 months and has only met one guy she liked but who isn’t poly. Her one experience has her craving more, and she frequently chats up guys on OKC, but she isn’t feeling the spark with anyone. She asks, “Am I too picky or just too impatient?”

21:00 Feedback

  • Husband of a monogamous married couple of 18 years who have recently become polyamorous ask for advice on continuing to come out to their kids. They’re out to the kids now, but how and when should they introduce the partners to the kids?
  • Heather wrote in about episode 493 on asking for reassurances and recommends The Five Love Languages

26:45 Happy Poly Moment

A listener wrote in to share that he simply asked “are you poly” to a business flirt while out of town, and got a “yes”!

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