503: Loving someone who is being abused

How to love someone who is in an abusive relationshiploving someone who is being abused

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4:00 Poly in the News

Miles Malleson’s 1933 play on open marriage and polyamory, Unfaithfully Yours, is making its debut in New York

6:15 Topic: How to love someone who is abused

S is in a relationship with a man whose partner is emotionally abusive towards him. S cut that partner out of her own life, but how do you love someone and remain in a relationship with him while he is being abused?

  • Decide on your priorities
  • Whether you remain in a romantic relationship with him, make it clear you are a safe space and friend
  • You may have to watch him go to hell is his own way. It’s OK to remove yourself from the relationship if that process takes too much of a toll on you.
  • If you feel guilty about that, keep in mind that losing friends is an important factor in “losing everything,” which is often the only motivation to change.

15:55 Feedback

Bunny wrote in to say thank you—she recently had to break up with a kinky partner, and all the “owning your shit” lessons learned made it much easier to make a public announcement about it and make a peaceful transition, even publicly

18:00 Happy Poly Moment

Kendall wrote in to describe a poly victory: she has two boyfriends, one of whom self-identifies monogamous. So she became more closed in her communications with the monogamous partner. But then she opted to open up more and have those difficult conversations with him; they listened to the podcast and read More Than Two together. Having those conversations strengthened their bond, and for the first time, they implemented the Discuss – Distract – Do strategy for dealing with insecurities during a date, and it went great!

23:00 Thank you!

Thanks to Normand and Alissa, and welcome Tassja to the playmates!

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