505: How/when do I know if poly is right for me?

How/when do I know if poly is right for me?

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1:30 Announcements

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You, Me, Her poly TV series returns for a second season

8:40 Topic: How/when do I know if poly is right for me?

Emily and Eric are trying their first poly relationship. It was his idea, and he had a few encounters with a woman out of town. However, now he is connecting with an old friend in town, and Emily is feelingoverwhelmed. “If I already am having such a hard time with small things like making out how am I ever going to be okay when we get to the bigger things?” They are communicating, but Emily is worried: “It seems like he is doing everything right to help me, but its hard to think that I will ever be in a space where I feel good about taking bigger steps, or any steps at all… On paper polyamory makes so much sense to me, and I know that it isn’t easy, but whenever something comes up I think ‘why am I doing this to myself? This doesn’t feel good’. Maybe polyamory isn’t for me. I love Eric so much and I want to try to make this work. When will I know if this is something I can do or not?”

Our thoughts:

  • This is experience shock
  • This “little stuff” might actually be practice for the big stuff, so treat it that way
  • Or you are letting your imaginary fear cocktail and insecurities run away with you
  • Work to develop coping mechanisms so that you can do you
  • Our standard fear/jealousy coping exercise
  • Discuss/distract/do
  • Get a poly support network so you’re not doing this alone

25:30 Happy poly moment

Friggin’ Limey writes in to talk about a great moment when meeting his metamour

27:45 Thank you!

Welcome to Meredith, our newest poly playmate subscriber!

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