506: What if I love him more than he loves me?

Should I leave because I’m more into him than he is into me?

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Philosopher Carrie Jenkins: Make way for polyamory

7:15 Topic: What if I love him more than he loves me?

Our listener has been dating her boyfriend for four months, and it’s becoming apparent that “our relationship is potentially significantly more important to me than it is to him. I have told him about this fear, and he has reassured me that, though it is likely that this relationship does hold greater significance to me because of the circumstances, he still greatly values it and considers it profound and meaningful. However, I am also witnessing him fall more deeply in love with one of his other partners, someone who I believe may be his game changer, which is how I have been able to tell that our levels of emotional investment are not balanced.” She wants to know if she is setting herself up for deeper pain.

  • Avoid the urge to compare
  • What do you actually need? If you want a different behavior, ask for it
  • If you want to work on your insecurities, do the “and then what” jealousy exercise

16:45 Feedback

Sunray writes in about episode 358 about apps that would facilitate polyamory and recommends Habitica for Apple and Android.

19:30 Happy Poly Moment

H wrote in to share that she and her wife finally found a third that feels so right!

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