508: Poly Activist Profile: Ruby Bouie Johnson

A chat with poly activist Ruby Bouie Johnson

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1:30 Interview: Ruby Johnson

We profile Ruby Johnson, therapist and organizer of Poly Dallas Millennium, an event focused on highlighting marginalized communities, including people of color, transgendered people and practitioners of polyamory and BDSM. The theme this year is power, anarchy and equality and will be attended by many health and mental health professionals, including therapists, coaches and chiropractors.

But the best part is hearing about Ruby’s amazing life story of recovery, discovering kink and poly and coming out professionally on the Poly Role Models blog. She shares what changes she has seen in the poly community over the last seven years, how to cross lines and bring communities together, what she foresees for the next 10 years of polyamory and how to address race in the poly community.

Her Twitter and Instagram: @polydallas2015

Website: www.polydallasmillennium.com


She’s also a practicing therapist and is available for remote/phone sessions.

27:50 Feedback

K wrote in about episode 503 about loving someone who is being abused

30:45 Happy Poly Moment

Alex wrote in with a work-related happy poly moment and how important it is to ask for help when you need it

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Thanks to Brian for his donation this week—he donated thanks to the jealousy/fear And Then What exercise from

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