513: Does dating poly make me poly?

Does dating a poly guy make me poly? How do I ethically pursue a core relationship?

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5:45 Poly in the news

10:45 Does dating poly make me poly?

A listener writes in to ask how to manage her self-identity as she is dating a man in a couple—what happens when she is ready to focus on a core relationship? Does she disclose her existing relationship? Break it off to pursue monogamy? Or can her sweetie be her core relationship?

You got questions; we’ve got answers!

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  1. Michele Rella-Sommers April 19, 2017 at 7:01 pm · ·

    Hi you two,

    I’m a long time listener and “graduate” of your class “Kicking Poly Drama in the Ass”. You provide a great service to poly people everywhere.

    Help! I just started dating my bff’s lover and a few of our mutual friends believe that it will destroy our friendship. My bff, the mutual lover and I are all poly. Our mutual friends are swingers. BFF and I have had several conversations and she has assured me that she’s excited to have me as a metamour. Do I take her at her word or trust that our mutual friends may be seeing something that I’m not ?

    One friend told me that she does not want me to ever seek her advice on this relationship because as she put it “Your going to destroy your friendship over dick your not even sure you want.” Pretty harsh words.



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