516: The Art of Three

The Art of Three poly romance novel

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0:00 Introduction and host chat

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1:30 Announcements and host chat

Interview: Racheline, co-author of The Art of Three poly romance novel

Racheline Maltese, co-author of the new poly romance novel The Art of Three with Erin McRae, talks about the process of writing a romance novel for poly folks.

Racheline Maltese can fly a plane, sail a boat, and ride a horse, but has no idea how to drive a car; she’s based in Brooklyn. Erin McRae has a graduate degree in international affairs for which she focused on the role of social media in the Arab Spring; she’s based in Washington DC. Together, they write romance – often queer, often poly — about fame and public life. Their work is currently available with, or forthcoming from, publishers including Cleis, Dreamspinner, Riptide, and Simon & Schuster’s Saga Press. As hybrid authors, they also independently publish. Like everyone in the 21st century, they met on the Internet.

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28:30 Feedback

Catherine gives feedback on episode 368 Metamour cock block—she was on the other side of a similar situation, and she is happy to hear the advice given!

33:45 Happy poly moment

Meredith writes in with a sweet family happy poly moment

35:45 Thanks

Thanks to Manfred and Natalie and welcome Stephanie to the Poly Weekly Playmates!

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  1. Ian Dodd May 4, 2017 at 7:58 am · ·

    You mentioned this book in a previous episode so I downloaded it for my wife (a voracious romance reader). After she finished it, she encouraged me, the non-fiction reader, to read it too so we could talk about it.

    We are new to poly. In fact, I’m not even sure we are poly in the strictest sense; maybe more “monogamish” (after 3 decades of traditional monogamy together). I’ve got a new partner I met last fall. She’s had a few first dates but nothing that has developed further.

    But we both really enjoyed this book and have used it to further our won conversations. Looking forward to downloading and listening to this interview.

  2. After a few minutes of listening I had decided to buy the book. After a few more minutes I had to stop listening to the podcast as the author kept disclosing all the plot twists and funny moments of the book. I think it is a shame, that she does that.

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