524: Will poly fix my husband’s cheating?

Listener Shanna asks if her willingness to be poly will help them get past her husband’s cheating524 will poly fix cheating

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0:00 Introduction and host chat

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1:00 Announcements

4:30 Poly in the News

Wait for the second date to reveal you’re poly? From Savage Love

5:15 Topic: will poly fix his cheating?

Listener Shanna calls in to say that her husband has cheated and she is open to polyamory. How do they move past the cheating and improve their relationship together?

22:40 Feedback

We learn the term “parrot gliding”!

23:45 Happy Poly Moment

Marie shared a happy poly moment in Swedish!

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  1. @Will polyamory fix my husband’s cheating? i want to add that the husband in this story is religious. His pushback against the offer for polyamory may stem from the fact that many religious traditions blame women for every sexual mishap in a marriage. He may expect her to feel shame about not meeting his needs, thereby accepting the blame of the “unholy” cheating and absolving him. “Her end of the bargain” may be to carry his shame. Suggesting polyamory is saying there is no shame in it leaving him nowhere to dump any sexual unease he may have.

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