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8 things cover fingersWhy 8 Things I Wish I’d Known About Polyamory?

For many folks seeking to open up their lives and relationships, the road ahead is uncertain and foggy. Outside of traditional monogamy, relationship structure options and guidelines are often murky at best.

This book seeks to demystify the basics of healthy, consensual non-monogamy by sharing the lessons learned from both Minx and thousands of podcast listeners who have built successful polyamorous relationships. While each relationship may be different, some basic guidelines are helpful in constructing one’s own version of polyamory, and the  eight discoveries outlined in this book seek to provide just that.

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What you will gain from 8 Things

“There is no one right way to do polyamory, but there are plenty of wrong ways,” quoth the wise Miss Poly Manners. While no one can tell you exactly how to structure or conduct any relationship, it is my hope that you will use this ebook as a tool for self-exploration and self-discovery. The tips and advice given here are aimed at increasing self-awareness of emotional needs with the goal of creating ongoing, transparent communication. The healthiest relationships are those in which all participants feel free to ask for what they want, hear what others want and conscientiously and compassionately negotiate to fill those wants.

Whether a current relationship continues, changes or ends, what is most important is the health, happiness and personal growth of the participants in that relationship. As my cohost LustyGuy repeats, “The goal of any relationship is to make the people involved better versions of themselves.”

That’s the goal I share with you. Read this ebook, do some self-discovery, and leverage your relationship to become a better version of yourself. Plus:

  • How to deal with NRE
  • How to deal with jealousy/fear
  • How to customize your relationship
  • FREE! Template for writing your own user manual

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