Not a bad article in the Sun-Times about poly:

Hers, hers, his and hers

So… paragraph five:

A 36-year-old Oak Park man who calls himself Minx lives alone. His male partner is married to a woman, and those two live in Madison, Wis. Minx isn’t involved physically with the woman, but he talks on the phone with her about once a week, and they text message each other more than that.

When Minx marked his four years with the male partner, the woman helped celebrate. Minx, on the married couple’s anniversary, made the two breakfast “just as you might do for a very good friend.”

“It’s a lot of work to make all the relationships work harmoniously, to be sure. But the payoff is in the depth and breadth of emotional connections that stem from the communication required,” said Minx, who hosts a weekly podcast — an Internet radio show — on the poly life.

Hmmm. All that work on my swagger must’ve paid off!!! ROFL!


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