Just read this great post on the QAQNA blog. It relates to business, but boy, howdy, is it great advice for any situation involving interpersonal relations:

I’ve been reading some great posts like this one from Anil Dash about responding to mistakes. Sometimes you just blow it. It’s not intentional. You didn’t want to screw things up, but you did and now you’ve got people ticked off.

Here’s my personal mantra for responding to blunders, whether it’s personal or business:

  1. Own up immediately.
  2. Apologize.
  3. Make it right.

Awesome advice. I’m good at the owning up immediately and I’m almost always the first one to apologize, but it’s the making it right that provides the biggest challenge, to be sure.

And I find it’s also hard to replace #3, “make it right” with #3 “explain what I was thinking/why it’s not my fault.” I’ve actually heard someone say, “I take full responsibility. But it’s not my fault because… ” And I’m sure I’ve done it myself, too, in spirit if not with those words.

It’s really hard to care more about making it right than being understood. But one leads to the other, IMHO.

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