Heya, Poly Weekly listeners!

I keep saying that YOU make the podcast–your questions, your requests, your feedback, your ideas, your stories. So as we creep up to episode 300, I’d like to turn the episode content over to you guys.

What do YOU want PW listeners to know? Whether you’ve never called in before or you’re a regular correspondent, this is the time to share. Share what?

  • A short story of love, joy, loss, learning or pain
  • A joke
  • A Happy Poly Moment
  • A before/after moment (when you realize in an instant how you’ve grown)
  • Words of encouragement
  • Words of advice
  • Silly/fun greeting
  • An original song
  • A limerick
  • A haiku
  • What you want to hear more about in the next 300 episodes
Don’t be shakin’, bacon; it’s easy! Just do one of the following:
  • Call 206-202-POLY and leave your <5 minute message
  • Record your <5 minute message and email it to polyweekly@gmail.com
Call in alone or call with your partners and metamours! Call from the hot tub, call from the plane, call from the afterglow; this is your chance to share your insights, wisdom, stories and humor with the PW listenership. And let’s face it: you guys RAWK, so it will be AWESOME!

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