Hi, guys. This show is being produced by Birgitte Philippides, a long-time poly activist and wonder goddess of the poly movement. If you’re interested, check out the casting call:


Award-winning production company seeking to cast a new docu-reality series based on the lives of polyamorous or poly-curious individuals and their partners. There is strong network interest in our show and we are looking for serious auditions only.

Are you 20-35 years old, dynamic, charismatic and not at all afraid to show your authentic side? Are you a married couple and just integrating polyamory into your relationship? Gay, straight, bi-sexual, trans and have never really heard of polyamory or how it works but, willing to explore? Are you someone who has always been prone to affairs, realize monogamy is just not for you, want to bring everything above board and declare yourself polyamorous?

Looking to cast 5 primary characters who, along with their partners, lovers, spouses, are willing to be completely out and open as you challenge traditional monogamy and embrace or explore this new “love-style” movement.

Date/ Time:
Friday October 24th

Location: Brooklyn, NY (email for exact address)

Questions: poly@lintonmedia.com


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