PW 288: The collision of geeks and kink

Teresa Jusino and Pendard explain why so many sci fi content creators and fans are kinky

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1:00 Announcements

2:45 Geeks and Kink

Teresa Jusino and Pendard sign on as geek experts research the correlation between sci-fi geekiness and kink/BDSM proclivities. Why are so many geeks kink-friendly, and why are so many comic books and sci-fi plots kinky?

  • Are sci-fi content creators all kinky, or do the fans demand kink?
  • Why are depictions of kink in sic fi more realistic and more accepted?
  • Are creators/consumers kinkier than the average bear or just average but more willing to talk about it?
  • Four theories on the collision of geeks and kink
  • Pendard shares the kinky background of Wonder Woman; was William Marston kinky himself?
  • The top five geektastic kinky couples
  • Listener question from Graydancer: why are there more “real” geek girls out there now?
  • Geek Girl Con
  • Listener question from Justin: does the geek/kink connection have to do with intelligence?

Jusino’s article in ChinaShop Mag

35:00 Feedback

37:00 Thanks

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