My buddy Colin forwarded this Wikipedia definition of collective effervescence (and yes, that would be a good name for a band, wouldn’t it??).

He pointed out that there might be a parallel with relationship dynamics–that is, alone we each behave in a certain way, but we we form pair and triad bonds, the relationship has a dynamic of its own that is distinct from the energy and behavior of its individual participants. It’s not exactly the same, especially as collective effervescence tends to relate to more spiritual and religious experiences as well, but the idea of more than one person together creating a collective energy and acting in ways that each individual wouldn’t alone does run parallel.

Can anyone who has studied more sociology and/or religious theory than me elaborate?


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  1. Hey Minx, et al,

    Love the sight, love the emphasis on trust and honesty as well as more lascivious things. And love the podcast, it feels so good to hear healthy kink-friendly discussions.

    I agree with the effervescence theory. I live it. I am married and act so very differently with my genetic family than from my wife and hers… and again differently with my several clusters of friends.

    Effervescence to me also means finding the courage from the chemistry of an event to become a part of yourself you bury in other situations.

    That is as powerful as the lascivious stuff, and just as heady, emotional.

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