ErosJust finished an interview with Serena Anderlini d’Onofrio, author of the memoir Eros: a Journey of Multiple Loves, the tale of her bisexual and polyamorous life and career. It was spiritual, enlightening, sexy and intellectual–passion abounds. Stay tuned for Poly Weekly #149–that is, if LibSyn ever gets 147 or 148 to work!


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  1. I was deeply touched by your interview, and I applaud the sensitivity with which you shared the topic with your audience.

    I always felt that this feeling of “compersion” should be possible. It’s never happened in my life, but I always thought it should, and I’ve often dreamed that it could.

    But I’ll probably never see it happen in my life.

    Still, I have the small comfort that it wasn’t just me, and it does come to some folks, sometimes.

    Maybe someday.

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