Marketing content strategy for sex positive educators and activists

Thanks to everyone who attended and participated in this session at CatalystCon East. What a great and engaged crowd! I had a great time sharing with and learning from you all.


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  1. Hi!

    & i don’t think i’ve ever meant it more… OMG!

    we had no idea you were out there until just now!

    ok, so… we are a sex positive online start-up utilizing what we had come to SEO Activism as a core business approach…

    we’d love to talk about stuff 😉


    (the link is to my personal page… iff’n you must you can visit sex-positive(dOt)com, though there is’nt mush there as yet… 🙂

  2. just an update…

    we have installed a sex positive definition at

    we feel that it offers us a clear basis to market from, and offers everybody a sexy way forward which feels good…

    cheers 😉


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