Cunning Minx on the Savage Lovecast

Savage Lovecast polyamoryI have to admit that Dan Savage is one of my idols. Yes, you can argue with some of the advice he gives, but that’s true of just about every advice columnist. And he’s been helping people get perspective on their sex lives and relationships for longer than some of my listeners have been alive! He’s a damn impressive figure in the sex-positive space, and I was ridiculously nervous to go on mic next to him!

So I was honored to come on the Savage Lovecast and give advice to a poly listener. My first appearance is on episode 537, the Magnum edition (paid–sorry), answering a question from a bisexual woman who self identifies as an ethical slut who is having difficulty finding a “primary” partner, to the point of being willing to being monogamous for a while before opening the relationship up. Also, a guy who is living in a house with his exes wants to know when is the right time to bring a girl home, and a woman who has embraced poly in principle is befuddled at being in love with someone with whom she wants to be monogamous.

My segment starts at 37:04 and ends at 1:03:00. Listen to the episode here.



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