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Big Gulps 2 was our more traditional selection for Brownies and Porn last weekend, and it universally got the “fail” rating. General consensus: unless you’re really, really, really, really into nothing but POV blow jobs with no real money shots, you’ll probably find this lame and boring.

In my opinion, if something is called “Big Gulps,” there should be some gulping going on. Most of the come shots didn’t even have any come, or at best just a dribble. What, did they shoot this after all the real porn orgy scenes were done for the day with the dregs that were left over? Sheesh! Show me the money!

Universally, the room of about 10 people all hated when the girls looked at the camera and when they spit on the cock. Why, oh, why do these conventions persist?

A few things we did like:

  • The man in the second clip (with Marquetta) was a bit more controlling; he’d slap the back of her head and force her to gag on his cock a bit. The audience was divided on the choking sounds (some liked, some didn’t), but we all liked his taking charge, giving the scene a bit more of a power dynamic.
  • Vanilla Sky in the fourth clip. She came across as a real girl, not yet bleached blond, even showing a bit of fat and cellulite, with fake but not ginormous boobs. Truly, her best selling point is her sincerity; she seems to be new enough to the industry to enjoy it—she doesn’t give head like a porn star but with genuine interest. Plus, it helped that he would grab her head and slap her boobs around!
  • Mika in the sixth clip, a cute Asian with an interesting around-the-world technique and a strong, two-fingered kung-fu grip. And she’s not adverse to a little penis-beating on the face, which some folks liked.

More we didn’t like:

  • The cheap Wal-Mart lingerie
  • The standard floor crawl for every girl
  • Looking at the camera
  • Spitting
  • Guys wearing gym shoes with socks

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  1. I’ve not seen this so can’t comment on how the looking to camera was handled, but generally speaking I like that convention.

    Breaking the 4th wall can be a very powerful motif. But it does have to be handled right, or it becomes just a contrivance and an annoyance.

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