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For last weekend’s special Brownies and Porn in Saint Louis, I wanted to try something a bit different. I figured there would be a good quota of sci-fi geeks there, and I was just really curious about XXX sci-fi fantasy porn. What would it be like?

The Pornomation DVD is split into two sections (swear to god, I seriously typed that “sexions” first!), Animations and Visitations. Animations is a series of roughly five-minute 3D animated clips, and Visitations is a collection of fantasy art set to music (quite artistically, really).

Comments from Brownies and Porn audience:

  • “She should get 2D8 damage” (said of a real woman sucking an animated cock the size of my entire torso)
  • who knew that one of the benefits of two women fucking a hobbit was that one of them could pick it up and use him to fuck the other woman?
  • Is it enviroporn if the hobbit becomes a tree after orgasm?
  • (for the short “Abduction”) Those five extra tentacles come in really handy for prying her pussy open, don’t they?
  • Even animated, porn stars shouldn’t be allowed to talk
  • (For the short “Passage”) the Valkyrie’s wings come in really handy for cunnilingus–the guy can remain standing, and she can just hover at mouth level! Now THAT’s a useful fantasy!
  • (For the short “The Groupies”) “Those just remind me of the California raisins” (if the California raisins were penises)

The Stimulations sections provided a huge variety of fantasy sex for all tastes–and I mean all tastes. Yup, some things this little girl never imagined showed up, including rock and tree porn, dinosaurs, self cunnilingus, Gulliver’s travels (yes, tiny women crawling on a giant man), mermaids, fucking the ocean, dolphin porn, a toothy crocodile eating a woman out, satyrs, equine cunnilingus, fantasy interspecies erotica, fairies, minotaurs, harpies, fangs, a skull with a penis tongue and a skeleton strapping on a live cock and fucking an anatomically perfect chick and dual and barbed barbed cocks. Oh, yes, a little something for everyone! I think we’ve found the DVD that makes Minx feel tame!


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