Just checking out feedback on the story I read for Escape Pod. Quite a few people didn’t like it (the story, not my reading of it) and seemed to find the plot too predictable and not sci-fi-y enough (I interpret and paraphrase their responses), while others found the main character flawed and remarkably human.

Read the feedback at the forums here

I guess that’s why I like it–the Very Bad Idea of testing a relationship is, unfortunately, not all that uncommon and garnered responses like, “gee, that sounds like my ex-girlfriend.” Not a good idea by any means, but I always thought that part of the role of sci-fi was to look at how we would act IF… along with all the moral, ethical and theoretical musings on time travel, alien interaction, etc.

In short, I think people respond to humanity in whatever form. And I think this story showed that–how very human its characters were.


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