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  1. That is not so trans friendly, nor does the question about weather I’m married or not make me feel good.

  2. “or not” ^does not “make me”

  3. Cunning Minx May 13, 2008 at 3:40 pm · ·

    Sorry ’bout that! Wizzard media created the survey, and it’s standard advertising stuff, not in particular targeted at we alternative types. I do appreciate your taking it, though, just so you know–it makes it super-easy to get sponsors, which I’m in desperate need of. Thank you!

  4. Lady Foo May 13, 2008 at 8:28 pm · ·

    Since there doesn’t seem to be a general feedback area, I just wanted to report an in-the-news item. This month’s Marie Claire (June 2008) has an interview on open marriage pg. 194. Surprisingly non-judgmental.

  5. Cunning Minx May 14, 2008 at 11:07 am · ·

    Lady Foo–

    Pssst! Try the forums at Start it as a new topic and open it up to discussion!

  6. surveys are cheese and they pay for cheese too! (what?) =)

    I am on episode 83 going forward. I like what I hear, chick!

  7. I used to do market research for a living, and yes, surveys can seem to be blunt instruments, especially for niche audiences. Keep in mind, though, that the goal here is not to represent each personal variation in self-definition. Rather, it’s to express PW’s audience in numeric terms that advertisers can understand and plan around. If the survey people started adding categories to account for all the different variations, it would kinda defeat the purpose – each respondent would be a category of one, which would be ‘accurate’, but not very useful for the purposes it’s trying to achieve.

  8. Hello Cunning Minx,
    I work at Seal Press and I came across your blog while I was doing research for our book Open: Love, Sex, and Life in an Open Marriage (Seal Press / June 2008 / $24.95), by Jenny Block. Since you do excellent podcasts on the subject of polyamory, I thought you might be interested in a copy of the book. I also wanted to mention that Block is going to be doing a number of readings from Portland to Texas and I thought perhaps you or your listeners might be interested in attending or hearing about the book, or perhaps you might like to interview Jenny Block on your podcast!

    Open is a book about open marriage that grapples with the problems surrounding monogamy and fidelity in an honest, heartfelt, and non-fringe manner. In Open, Block paints a down-to-earth picture of how an open marriage can work, and specifically why it works for her and her husband. In dissecting other people’s strong reactions to her choice, she explores the question of why cheating is more socially acceptable than open marriage. In part, she concludes, the lack of models for successful functional open marriages is such that the general public is not yet equipped to handle treating it as anything other than abnormal.

    Open challenges our notions of what traditional marriage looks like, and presents one woman’s journey down an uncertain path that ultimately proves that open marriage is a viable option, and one that’s in fact better for some couples than conventional marriage.

    We’d love to send you an advanced readers copy to preview, and/or review/giveaway to your community. Please let us know if there is any way we can work with you!
    Feel free to contact us for more information! We love your site!

    Seal Press

  9. totally unrelated to the survey, but interesting:

  10. Ah shit! We never kissed with tongue like we promised! In my frazzled state it totally escaped me. Boooo…

  11. Just to add to the feedback survey: love the pansexuality, the kink friendliness, the honesty about you and your listeners preferences, the pro quality, the ecclectic nature and how often I am introduced to many other podcasts, books, movies and so much more. Great show, you rank up in my faves!

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