OK, I give up. Been trying to find a few waking hours to record this week’s PW, and the universe isn’t cooperating. I’ve been working my butt off for a client this week and just found out my next gig is cancelled. I finally recorded a brief PW last night, but now Garage Band suddenly won’t read the files, giving me a really fucking annoying message that part of the file is 8-bit. DUH! Part of the file is always 8-bit; that’s how I include the audio comments!!

[sigh] So I got up an hour and a half early this morning to finish up and post PW, and Garage Band has me stymied. I can’t do a thing with the file.

And recorded a PolyGuys podcast for the show last week, but I once again can’t find the file anywhere, so I can’t post that, either.

I give up.


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