OK, well, just so you know, this entry is probably going to be mostly about how damn funny Jason Carter is. What’s not to love about a funny, drunk Brit with long hair?

Nothing, I say!

Bits from Jason from last nights panel:

“We’re modern pirates. We have bionic parrots.”
“Wanna play pocket Twister?”
“I thought a tampon was a period costume.”

We dubbed him “The Prince of Hotness and Nudity.” Oh, and ask him about his poem, /em>The Day Our Gram Got Flushed Down the Loo.

Yes, I have video of him reciting some of his dead funny poetry. Awaiting permission for posting.

Oh, and yes, I did flash Jason my boobs during his talk. He barely blinked. Good man.

OK, can I even talk about anything OTHER than Jason? Possibly. Let’s see. I’ll try.

Poly Roundtable
The poly roundtable went great! We had over a dozen people attend and share their stories, experiences and questions, which is exactly what I was hoping would happen. Everyone was so generous in sharing their opinions (AHEM sometimes very strong opinions!) about everything from whether it’s all about the sex to dealing with cancer to the nature of being poly. As soon as I can edit the discussion, it will be up in the feed for those who are interested!


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