Thanks to Green for the heads-up on this. Considering this guy’s lack of Google and Technorati juice, I doubt I’d ever have found this tiny little blog. But look at us! Polyamory Weekly is “easily the most dangerous and socially destructive podcast I’ve ever heard”! The full review:

This is easily the most dangerous and socially destructive podcast I’ve ever heard. The program is about Polyamory, the practice of having multiple sexual partners, provided everyone consents and knows what’s going on. It advocates just about every form of perversion you can imagine and the host frequently decries the fact that group marriages aren’t legal in the United States.

The program is not the most sexually explicit, nor is it the most offensive. It’s dangerous because the program seeks to normalize Homosexuality, Bisexuality, wife swapping, bondage and a host of other unChristian behaviors. They side AGAINST the Mormons who want to legalize underage brides, but if all those Mormon brides are 18 or older, they’re all for it.

If your child is listening to Polyamory Weekly, then I recommend you respond as if you’d found deviant magazines in their possession. Do not react with anger, as that will only make matters worse, but respond with Christian love and understanding. Your child has been exposed to dangerous and radical ideas, and needs help with the confusion of ideas that such exposure can create.

Look at us! We’re “socially destructive” and expose children to “dangerous and radical views”! (That was a very quick trip to the “won’t someone think of the children” argument, wasn’t it?)

I have two points of contention with this review. First, what is with Mr. Cornswalled’s bewildering use of random capitalization? What the heck is up with capitalizing “Podcast” and “Homosexual”? When did podcasts and gays become proper nouns? Perhaps I should recommend Grammar Girl! Second, it’s considered proper netiquette to link to any online item you’re reviewing, even if you’re slamming it. I don’t particularly want to send traffic to this guy’s site, but I still provide the link so that readers can visit the site and read his writings themselves. Not providing links to blogs or podcasts you review is considered rude.

At any rate, considering this guy’s POV, I consider his words a rarin’ compliment. See, he also advises parents who discover their children listening to This American Life and even the squeaky-clean A Prairie Home Companion to “delete it if you see it.” Plus, he also makes the brilliant observation that Violet Blue’s Open Source Sex is “pornography.” OMG! You mean, she talks openly about SEX? Really? On a show called “Open Source Sex”? Um… yeah. Give him the Obvious Award!

Right-leaning Christians hate us. Polyamory Weekly has arrived! (Apologies to any Christian listeners–you know I love you guys and welcome your feedback, too. And no need to say “he doesn’t represent us.” I know.)


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  1. Wow…. a review like that should come with some kind of plaque or statuette.

    Or at least a jpg of one…. to be displayed with pride on the homepage.

  2. “Your child has been exposed to dangerous and radical ideas”

    Congratulations, this means that you are doing a fabulous job!!!

  3. Oooh, this pushes several of my buttons.

    I hope I never censor what input my children receive that way.

  4. Just remember to respond with Christian love. Oh, and a total lack of tolerance for views or lifestyles different from your own. Oh, and if you’re curious, make sure to censor what they read and hear so that the thing they’re curious about will be seen as forbidden and therefore be more attractive.

  5. Captain Jamie Hunter September 20, 2007 at 10:44 am · ·

    As I often said at work when idiots were allowed to voice their opinions to the masses in the company and caused bucketloads of stress, “Jesus H Christ!”

    This person gives Christians a bad name. Jamie’s getting twitchy for his bow and arrows…

    I know several Christians who enjoy bondage, as well as a few Jews and several Pagans, myself included.

    I could go into a rant about how mainstream organised religion has f***ed up the world but I’ve got a plane to catch.

    So much for “Love One Another”.

  6. But minx, being hated by a radical Christian nutjob is such an easy goal, can’t you aspire to something better?

  7. Donut Rooter September 20, 2007 at 11:14 am · ·


    Why do we have to share the internet with idiots like this?

    (I’m Fountain of Filth on Twitter, btw.)

  8. I can only imagine how this guy would respond to some of the stories I have in the pipeline for Metamor City. 🙂 Good-hearted succubae! Orgies! Transgender protagonists! And a polyfamily, to boot!

    And the kicker is, I’m a Christian myself, and take it quite seriously. But I parted ways with guys like this one a long way back. Probably right around the time I realized that gays and lesbians have the right to be treated like human beings…

  9. hmm, i thought i was using something akin to “christian love” when teaching my kids to love and respect everyone. It’s that ubiquitous christian hate from which i try to shield them.

    AND from further up the page:

    “…back when Casey Chasm was the host.”

    Thanks Mr. Cornswalled, i needed a good stage name before kicking off my career in bi porn!

  10. This is why I simply ignore Christians. Far too many of them seem to think “unchristian” = bad.

  11. I know it goes without saying but. He makes a lot of accusations and the ~only~ argument he has to support them is that he considers PW “unChristian” [sic].

    How does one qualify a topic to be not Christian-like? Well you would first have to establish a definition for Christian-like. And since he did not establish this ground work (explonations and/or external references) the comparison to non Christian-like is incomprehendable and therefore the use of the term inapropriot.

    Gosh I sound so edjucated.

    • Stumbling upon this blog made my night. Your work is such an inspiration! I reotsped a link to your webpage on my site. Let me know if you have an issue with it and I will take it down :] Keep doing what you do! -Haley

  12. I think it’s pronounced “edu-ma-cated.” 🙂

  13. SalaciousGeek September 20, 2007 at 4:18 pm · ·

    He seems fairly well informed on the podcast. I wonder how many episodes he listened to before deciding you were the ‘most dangerous’.

  14. He has a LARGE number of postings labed “gay agenda” most of which are replied to by people saying “You’re an Intolerant ASShat”

    I can’t imagine blinding believing. Anything.

  15. There you go! Teaching children to do dangerous things like think for themselves, and form their own opions based on informed study.

    Shame, shame.

  16. Congrats on the whole “dangerous and Radical Ideas” Thing. You know our forefathers were called just that when they were doing that little thing called the american revolution. woot, maybe you guys will have your head carved into a mountain side one day!

    Have a nice day!

  17. Keep in mind, we’re talking about a guy who wants New York City to rename the George Washington Bridge the “George W Bush Bridge.”

    Oh, and on Yahoo ANswers he was giving advice on how to apply makeup.

    I wonder what he does behind closed doors?

  18. He actually does seem to take pride in listening to the entire podcast before passing judgment, which makes him a better man than me. I’ve unsubscribed from podcasts after 10 minutes.

  19. I think that my boobs should be carved into a mountain!

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