Why I’m Blogging Now: LustyGuy’s Laziness and Lust

lustyguy headshotHello, everyone! And welcome to my little corner of Poly Weekly.

For those of you who have been listening over the past five or so years, you’ve heard me share the mic with Minx on a semi-regular basis. Now, driven by ego, lust, and laziness, I’m breaking out of that audio format and contributing to Minx’s work with the written word. I’m blogging. How have ego, lust, and laziness combined to inflict more of my unique perspective upon you? Well, settle in and I’ll let you know.

My non-monogamous backstory

You see, I’ve never been monogamous. Back in the 1980s, I lost my virginity in a triad and have always known that monogamy wasn’t for me. No, I didn’t read Heinlein. In fact, I’ll be writing a future blog post on why I think Heinlein is overrated. I just knew as soon as I understood what it meant to have a lover, I knew the idea of trying to be with only one lover at a time wasn’t for me. And that came pretty early for me: pre-teen early. In the same way that lots of little girls dream of enjoying a traditional marriage long before they know what that actually means, I was dreaming of being surrounded by women who loved me.


Over the years, I like to think I’ve learned a thing or two. And here’s where that ego comes in: I also think what I’ve learned is worth sharing. The good news is that at least some of you seem to share that view, given the positive feedback we’ve gotten from my presence on Minx’s regular podcast. And this blog provides a format you can easily skim, skip and ignore what I have to say without missing any Minx. And that you can dive into and comment on directly for all the world to see. So, driven by ego, what will populate this space includes a range of topics, from the value of honesty, the current political environment and stories from when I worked at Seattle’s Lusty Lady, the famous feminist peepshow.

Lust and laziness

Now for lust and laziness. Remember that Far Side cartoon with two gorillas eating bananas? One says to the other,

“You know, Sid, I really like bananas. I mean, I know that’s not profound or nuthin’… Heck, we ALL do… But for me, I think it goes much more beyond that.”

That is me and sex. I know we all like it, but I really like it. Furthermore, I really like it with Cunning Minx. Big shocker there, eh? Well, as it turns out our Minx has a fetish for accomplishing things. Really. We call the joy she receives via crossing things off her to do list a “taskgasm.” It’s that good for her.

And one of the big family of tasks she has on her weekly list is creating content for the poly community. Bringing you all ideas and perspectives is one of the ways she feels sexy, valuable and like she is making a positive contribution all at once. It’s also a big drain on her time. So, I am honestly and blatantly hoping that by helping her out with this particular task, I’ll both free up some of her time for more sex and get her taskgasm motor running to inform that sex. See how tricky I am? And for those of you thinking, “Ah, by informing Minx of his intentions LustyGuy has ruined his chances for success,” you all are underestimating the effects of honest communication on Minx’s nether bits. 🙂

Lust combines with laziness in that there’s a world of ways I could offer to help Minx. But there are more letters asking for advice than she has time to answer, and I find writing to come comparatively easily. So, laziness demands that I maximize the odds of more sex via that activity that comes to me with the least amount of effort, thereby saving the most energy possible for that crazy monkey sex I am hoping to engender. Add it all up, and once a week I’ll be answering your letters, giving advice, commenting on what I see in the poly community, telling stories and otherwise giving you something to think about, laugh at and rage against as the mood and writing suit you.

All that to say, strap in and watch as LustyGuy tries to get even more Cunning Minx by entertaining, challenging and informing you. Or, falls flat in the effort. Either way, it’s worth a chuckle.


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  1. I honestly think that laziness has driven some of the best innovations in human history & I enjoy the clarity of your advice — with that in mind, I’m thoroughly looking forward to reading more of these.

  2. I look forward to reading your writing. I do enjoying hearing your voice as well. Thank you!

  3. Love Love Love this! Brilliant! Give my love to both the girls!

  4. Marina and John February 5, 2017 at 8:56 am · ·

    Looking forward to it!

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