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Back from the flurry of sex-positive fun that was MomentumCon, and there are just too many good vibes to squish into one blog post. Fortunately for you, I’m home sick with something I’m convinced was given to me by a friend I had lunch with just before leaving for the con. (Yes, I now need to beat him up as promised.)

If you’ve never been to MomentumCon (and you probably haven’t, since it was the first one, although if you’ve been to Sex 2.0, you’ll know what I’m talking about), you should go for one very good reason: you will fit in. Kinky? Great; there are sessions on kink. Vanilla? No problem; there are no kink-specific parties, so you won’t be left out. Sex worker? Perfect; there are always sessions on how to be, support or even date sex workers. Sex Geek? Oh, you’ll be right at home. Gender queer blogger? There’s a session for you, and you’ll meet a dozen others like you. Poly activist? You’ll love the sessions on poly and the poly-friendly atmosphere. Monogamous? No worries; enjoy the sessions on tantric sex or chat with a porn star.  New media geek? Oh, honey, have we got sessions for you: panels, sessions and a Twitter stream to die for. Into burlesque, stripping, erotica, podcasting, masturbation, racial issues, identity issues? MomentumCon has got it.

In short, this is a con for whatever “sex-positive” means to you. This is a con that crosses identities, and it does it very well.

Want to know more?

  • For a taste of what the con is like, take a peek at my pictures from MomentumCon.
  • The slide deck from my own talk on Personal Branding for the Sex-Positive Educator. I’ve been asked to give this talk at several events, and I’m thrilled it always goes over so well!
  • Also, keep an eye on the podcast stream, as I’ll be posting the audio from my own talk as well as the audio from the podcasting panel.

And a big shout out to Tess Danesi and Dee Dennis for putting together such an astounding event. The presenters and attendees alike were raving about it, and with good reason. This is a good one, folks.


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  1. Yes this totally rocked!

    Anyway when I clicked on the “My pictures from MomentumCon” I received the infamous Facebook error: “This content is currently unavailable.”

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