Please enjoy these slides from our popular new class, Navigating Your First Poly Relationship.

Pondering your first foray into the wild and wooly world of non-monogamy? Dazzled by the buffet of terms, or confused about how one person’s polyamory rubs up against another’s open relationship while yet another’s relationship anarchy is looking interesting across the room? Join Cunning Minx and LustyGuy as they take you on a guided tour of your first poly relationship. Learn how to identify, communicate and negotiate your needs and expectations, how to deal with changes in yourself and your relationships and what kinds of questions you should be asking yourself and your prospective partners.

Who should attend:

  • Solo polyamorists
  • Couples considering polyamory
  • Couples or tribes involved in their first or second poly relationship
  • Experienced polyamorists with partners who are new to poly
  • Monogamists or the poly-curious


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