Hi! I’m J, and I’ve been editing PW for some time now, but I wanted to help out a bit more. I think I sound ridiculous on the podcast, thus I do the editing. 😉 So I asked Minx if she would mind me doing a poly geek segment for the website, with maybe the occasional tie in on the podcast. She said it was a great idea.

So a bit about myself. I consider myself a neophile. And no, that doesn’t involve corpses. What that means is that I feel a compulsion to have the latest and greatest gadgets. I know; I know–boys and their toys. So I have been trying to figure out how to share some of my findings. Much to my chagrin, patient as my wife is with me, she doesn’t share mylust for technology. So here I am, out on the web, hoping to share what I’ve found along the way.

I’ve been working with Windows-based PCs for years, doing general support, system building, networking, etc. I’m starting to get into Linux more, with my present job and some projects at home. Mac, I can say, I haven’t had much recent experience with. In the following articles I am going to keep a vendor/service provider/OS neutral point of view. Enough of the rambling though.

So that’s me and where I’m coming from. I’m curious to know what everyone would be interested in these articles. What do you guys want to know about? If there are areas that I don’t have any experience in, I will find out about it and write the article from the “as I’m doing it” point of view.

Now I don’t want to start a flame war or the never-ending Mac vs. PC thread, but I definitely want to know what people use in the following categories, so I know what to cover:

  1. Computer OS
  2. PDA/Phones, ie Palm OS, Windows OS, something else
  3. Phone provider, ie Verizon/Sprint/T-Mobile/AT&T/Etc.

And I am going to try to keep the following format:

  • Poly application
  • Everyday usage
  • Geek factor
    • What do you think?

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  1. Jamie Hunter September 6, 2007 at 4:57 pm · ·

    1) Windows XP (because of work) and Ubuntu Linux at home

    2) I’m in England so anything I mention might not be relevant. I don’t use a PDA but do use Google Calendar for now.

    3) As #2 but for the record I’m on Orange at the moment.

  2. Fred Brown September 6, 2007 at 5:01 pm · ·

    1) Windows (all flavors from NT to Vista right now)

    2) Verizon XV6700 Windows Mobile PocketPC with 3G

    3) Verizon Wireless

  3. 1) I have a Macbook (black, non-pro). I do run Parallels for Visio mostly (due to my work). My server is Linux. I used Windows until this Macbook and I love it.

    2) Treo 700p (upgraded from a Treo 650p, the 700 is much more stable). Work paid for it, love it. I like it better than the coworker’s Blackberries.

    3) Verizion Wireless, only because it’s the only thing I can get at my house out in the boonies.

  4. 1) Mac Book, OSX.

    2 & 3) No portable devices except the iPod, I am waiting for the iPhone to come to Canada so I can have all my gadgets in one.

  5. 1 – MacBook Pro 17″, OS 10.4.10
    2 – Treo 700p. Thought about getting the winmobile version, but need some medical software that can’t load the WM version from a Mac. Alas.
    3 – Verizon. Overall pretty happy with them – good data coverage, reasonable data speed and price.

    poly application – all are helpful for staying in touch, the treo particularly since it’ll run Mundu for YM messaging and text message simultaneously. Very helpful, especially when I’m traveling.

    Everyday use – use ’em both a ton. live my life out of my bag, so very helpful that way!

    Geek factor – while not running any linux variant, and don’t have a Beowulf cluster at home (quake III anyone?), I do consider myself significantly geeky. And handy with power tools.

  6. Terry31415 September 7, 2007 at 6:49 pm · ·

    1. Mac OSX (home), XP (work and home)

    2. I almost have a Crackberry. No current PDA, except for my Ipod.

    3. Verizon.

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  8. The new PW, #122 (on itunes), appears to be only 3min57sec, ending by cutting The Minx off in the middle of a sentence. What is up?

  9. You might want to try clearing it and downloading it again, Chris. I was able to get the entire episode. It might have been a sporadic error with the hosting service, and if so, trying again should fix it.

    (Oh, and: 1. several Macs; 2. Treo 755p; 3. Sprint.)

  10. 1) Mac OS X at home (PowerPC, Intel soon)

    2) My iPod nano is my PDA, so it’s limited but does the job. Phone is an old Sony Ericsson w/bluetooth and that’s about it

    3) T-Mobile in the US

    I’m a geek who values low-tech solutions vs. gadgets, and would hope that these sorts of things make it in there. This includes such things as, say, syncing iCal with google calendar rather than carrying around a PDA, if that makes sense as “low tech”

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  12. Vir Modestus September 16, 2007 at 9:53 am · ·

    I use Windows XP SP2 at home and at work, covering three or four different computers. Therefore, I have Thunderbird, Firefox, and Sunbird Portable editions for all of those tools. That way, it doesn’t matter which (Windows) PC I’m on.

    I also have a iPod but my Moto Q is my phone/PDA. It’s synched with the work calendar so I don’t use it for personal stuff. And I’m on Verizon.

    Now, the issue is compounded by the fact that my sweetie uses a Mac with the MS calendar app while her OSO uses i Cal. We spent some time trying to figure out how to sync calendars and then realized it wasn’t going to happen. Cross platform would be a great thing!

  13. 1) OSX (10.4.10) work and home, WinXP (work, but only if I really really have to).

    2) No online PDA–I’m one of the holdouts using a Palm M515 running PalmOS 4.1, and my iPod mini.

    3) AT&T (via Cincinnati Bell) for personal cell, Nextel/Sprint for my work phone

  14. 1. Well I used to do windows when I was locked up in my adalesent dungeon. I had a job that had a Sun server and found working in unix was so much faster and easier. To I became a devout Linux user. Then Apple released their unix OS and I was so hooked all my computers are mac now.

    2. None other then the iPhone of course! Couldn’t live with out it. It does *everything* Apple said it would.

    3. I only have one choice: AT&T, but if did have a choice I’d choose AT&T. So it works out 😉

    Poly usage: sadly that is not applicable at the moment. :'( Can I get a hug? … Want to go have a drink?

    Everyday usage: I am a web developer, computer science major. I build serverside database driven applications with Web 2.0 user interfaces. Then there is everything else I use a mac for. All my comunication is throught my iPhone. In fact I’m typing this on my iPhone right now.

    All this geek-iness and my full time job is a paramedic. How weired. I’d give myself a very high geek factor. What’s the scale here?

  15. 1) Mac OS X on my MBP at home. XP at work which is apparently switching to Vista come October. 🙁
    2) Treo 650. I’m waiting for the iPhone to support MS Exchange so I can check work email on it before I buy one.
    3)AT&T reluctantly. I was originally Cingular.

  16. 1) WinXP and Ubuntu. I want to get a MacOS box, but I need to stabailze my employment again.

    2) My PDA is getting/receiving SMS messages on my cheapy Nokia phone.

    3) AT&T, of course that makes getting an iPhone to replace my phone when necessary attractive

  17. Mac OSX Tiger

    Treo 650 on Sprint.

  18. in my home– iMac, 2 iPhones, Powerbook, apple tv

    att of course, alas

    Dells and HPs with XP at work – not trying to flame, but really, it’s torture.

  19. Hi J. At home I have three computers, one each of Windows XP, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu Linux. No laptop. I used to use a series of Palm OS handhelds until they broke. I plan for my next device to be the Asus Eee ultra-mobile PC. (It’s like the consumer version of the One Laptop Per Child.) My phone is a Samsung SGH-T319 with T-mobile.

    If you don’t like being on a podcast, I’d be happy to read off your blog posts. Check out my Penguicast for samples at penguicon.org.

    -Matt Arnold
    Penguicon Science Fiction and Software Convention

  20. 1. Mac OS X (1 iMac, 1 Powerbook), both at work and at home (it helps to work at Apple)

    2. iPhone

    3. T-mobile (yay geeks who unlocked the iPhone!)

  21. 1. Mac OS X 10.4 on a MacPro.

    2. iPhone

    3. The required AT&T. No iBrick here.

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