And then, the PARTY! Great view of the river from the spacious balcony; hot acts inside!

  • Voguing drag queens, light-up hula-hoopers, burlesque strippers and more!
  • I spent an hour speaking French with three native French polys, discovering that the poly scene in France is nonexistent; there’s not even a word for it! Dommage.
  • Watched Simon and Reid make out–thanks, boys; YUM!
  • Got in the midst of a three-way kiss with said boys. Girls, I highly recommend two tongues in your mouth at once!
  • Cuddled on the pallets on top of three cute bi/straight boys. Heaven!
  • Made out with the adorable Trace, a charming gay boy two weeks away from his wedding day. (MWAH you’re so cute–call me!)
  • Danced a swing dance with a closet Republican
  • Spilled red wine all over my pretty dress, silk pashmina and hose and spent the rest of the evening wet and cold. Ick!
  • Talked with Simon until I had to pull myself away at 3:00 a.m. Dude, I’ll come back–we still need to break out that champagne!

    Photos and videos are posted on the Facebook event; full photos from the weekend are on my Flickr.

    Thanks again to Simon for being the host with the most. I didn’t even mind the six floor walkup; that way, I didn’t have to worry about not working out for three days!


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  1. Hello, this is Emeline, the native French poly girl! Me and my sweeties really enjoyed talking with you at the party… which was great by the way!!!

    Anyway, I’ve done my homework, and it seems that the word Polyamour *is* used in the French community, but, as you said,it’s nearly non-existant, or at least not well-represented on the web. The only resources I could find are some blogs and , which is not very user-friendly and doesn’t seem to have been updated since 2006…

    Although, two sites seem to be in preparation, so here’s hoping that the community will emerge soon!

    If you ever come to France, don’t hesitate to say hi! It’d be nice to see you again 🙂

  2. Cunning Minx October 8, 2008 at 10:04 am · ·

    Hi, Emeline! Thanks for doing that research. When the sites go up, be sure to let me know. As you probably noticed, my French isn’t as smooth as it could be, and I’d love the practice.

    A delight meeting you and finding the French polyamorists. And we’ll have to start a movement in France so I can have an excuse to go visit. 🙂

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