SlideShare’s Best Presentation Ever contest motivated me to create a slideshow about a real person (me) and how I practice polyamory. Unfortunately, my audio embeds don’t upload there, so I’ll be changing the presentation to be more visual and less auditory for that contest. But since the audio version is kinda nice, it’s up on YouTube now as a sort of personal profile and non-threatening intro to poly. Your comments are welcome and appreciated!


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  1. You make this poly stuff sound not so evil after all (JOKE). Seriously – just sat down with my 15 year old son and we watched this together. It was a nice primer. Maybe now he won’t disown me after all. Thanks, Minx.

  2. Hey Minx,
    Just watched the video (from your LJ page). That is a great video and it does a really nice job of explaining poly. I tend to be monogamous although several of my friends are happily poly.

    take care

  3. Thanks
    this was great
    for beginners
    like moi

  4. fae grrl July 23, 2008 at 5:05 pm · ·

    great message & very good use of images and text.

    my only hopefully constructive criticism would be that all the “couples” portrayed are male/female and most-to-all people appear to be white which is not my experience of the poly community. i know how difficult it is to find images in the public domain, so understand if that’s what you had to work with.

    otherwise, great!

  5. Actually, these are stock photos that I purchased the rights to–they’re really aren’t “public domain” photos that I know of. But I’ll see what I can do with including some diversity. I shiver to think what will come up when I type “lesbian” or “bisexual” into the search box for the photo company!

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