Kudos to Newsweek for doing a fun, fair, lighthearted look at polyamory. And to the ever-fabulous Terisa Greenan, Scott, Larry, Matt & Vera for going on camera. We need more spokespeople like these guys!


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  1. What do u know about disabled sex

  2. Minx
    I listened to the first PW oh those many years ago, but had bandwidth problems. So now I’m playing catch up. Going both forward and backwards.
    I listened to Jul 30 edition in the car today and only wanted to mention one item. This is NOT the first Poly positive article Newsweek has done. In Dec of ’99 they did one. I was particularly aware of it because the author contacted KanPoly got info. And Kansas got a mention, though not KanPoly by name. Something to the effect that even Kansas has a local email list to support polyamory. 🙂 We did get a number of new members shortly after that. What a surprise!
    Keep up the good work.
    Feel free to mention this if you like. If you need more info on me or KanPoly the above email works just fine.

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