Check out this article from a Canadian paper (with my highlights) about a court allowing THREE (count them, three) legal parents for a child.

The story is about the biological father of a child for a lesbian couple in Canada. The article points out, “The father would have lost his parental rights if the lesbian partner had been able to adopt the boy under Ontario law.”

The article goes on to specify that the lesbian partner brought the case against the biological parents (her lesbian partner and the biological father), and that they all supported the action. More interesting is that “the sudden death of the biological mother was the couple’s main reason in asking for legal status, the court noted. If the woman did not receive the legal rights before her partner died, she would not be able to make decisions on behalf of their son.”

… which would, of course, really suck.

The lawyer is quoted as saying, “‘It’s very good news for her, for her son and for her family,’ Jervis said. ‘She’s been the mom of this child since he was born, but this grants legal recognition to her status.'”

Indeed. Granting legal recognition of a parent’s status? Crazy!

The article concludes by quoting the lawyer, noting that it’s a good thing for the law to catch up to societal norms and respond to how things are, not how we wish they could be (or how we yearn for what some groups perceive how they used to be):

“What we do know from social-science research right now is that children raised by their married biological mom and dad do best, but we also know that’s not a fact of life for a lot of kids out there,” he said. “Let’s put in (some policy) that supports the outcomes for the children the best we can.”

How refreshing to have a “won’t someone think of the children” article that is actually showing true concern for the childre, not what Has Always Been and Is Therefore Best.


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