OK, I’m a dork. Did anyone besides me NOT realize that Penthouse and Penthouse Forum were two different magazines??

Despite how stupid I feel, my mistake gave me an excuse to drag into a newsstand on Michigan Avenue tonight after dinner and politely ask the attendant, “Do you have the latest edition of Penthouse Forum?” to which the gritty reply, laden with a thick Chicago accent, was, “Yeah. It’s with da PORNO.”

No February edition yet, BUT I did receive my xerox copy of the article from the journalist in the mail today and OH MY GOD!!! Polyamory Weekly got two whole paragraphs on the third page! And so did Rope Weekly! Woo hoo!

Excerpt from the bit on Polyamory Weekly:

A woman who goes by the scene name Minx started Polyamory Weekly (graydancer.libsyn.com) in March of last year, inspired by her lover, Graydancer… “It’s a space where polyamorous and monogamous folks alike can write or call in and sound off about everything from sexual labels like gay, straight, bi, and my own creation, the ‘boobiesexual’–women who are mostly straight but who are really, really into women’s breasts–to religion and spirituality and being able to deal with jealousy.”

And from the bit on Rope Weekly:

As the man behind Rope Weekly, (www.graydancer.com/ropeweekly), he doesn’t just talk about bondage, he does it on the air. “I once had Minx give a review of Twisted Monk’s hemp rope while giving me head. She talks surprisingly clearly when her mouth is full,” says Graydancer.”

OK, how much do we ROCK right now? 😀


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