Gavin Katz, Cunning Minx and Shira B. Katz at OpenSF

Hello, all! Just a quick note of thanks to reporter Susan Mernit for the quick and friendly writeup of OpenSF in Oakland Local. Oakland Local is a great site for uncovered community news that the major outlets skip, BTW; you should read it if you're in the area. And don&#

039;t Shira and Gavin Katz of the Pedestrian Polyamory podcast and I look like a cute little poly triad?

From the article:

InvisibleInk, an Oakland-based organizer, told Oakland Local that the conference had made a commitment to diversity early on. Unlike some conferences for polyamorous people, Open SF had a notable age range and far more people of color than most conference of this sort. Sessions focusing on people of color issues within the open community as well as sessions focused on family, size diversity, and  navigating poly/mono relationships meant there were rooms where people could be heard, an inclusive approach.

So true; I personally attended a session on Multiple -Isms in the Poly Community, and I have to admit I hadn't really thought much about diversity before that, with the exception of diversity of sexual orientation, preference and age.


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